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Sipping Success with Cori Omundson and Sandra Everingham of Rising Wines Collective

In this episode of Sipping Success, host Casey Haakinson engages in a fascinating conversation with Cori Omundson and Sandra Everingham, the visionary co-founders of Rising Wines Collective. Born from a shared passion for wine and a desire to connect small production vineyards with a wider audience, Rising Wines Collective seeks to bridge the gap between wine enthusiasts and the unique stories behind boutique wineries in Washington, California, and Oregon. Through their innovative platform, Cori and Sandra aim to curate an immersive experience that transcends traditional wine tasting.

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Cori and Sandra's journey with Rising Wines Collective illustrates the power of passion and innovation in the face of industry challenges. Their unique approach to connecting consumers with the rich stories and flavors of small production vineyards offers valuable lessons for aspiring entrepreneurs in the beverage industry. The story of Rising Wines Collective is not just about wine; it's about creating connections, embracing change, and the relentless pursuit of bringing a vision to life in a competitive market. Cori and Sandra's insights underscore the importance of differentiation, direct engagement, and the continuous evolution necessary to thrive in the bustling world of wine.

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