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Sipping Success with Jamie Valenti-Jordan, CEO of Catapult Commercialization Services Incorporated

In this episode of Sipping Success, host Casey Haakinson interviews Jamie Valenti- Jordan, the CEO of Catapult Commercialization Services Incorporated. Jamie shares his extensive experience in the food and beverage industry, from his early career at Campbell Soup and Del Monte Foods to founding Catapult. He discusses the importance of innovation in food production, the challenges of scaling new products, and his commitment to supporting emerging and scaling brands.

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Jamie Valenti-Jordan’s insights provide a comprehensive look at the challenges and opportunities in the food and beverage industry. His commitment to innovation and support for emerging brands highlights the importance of collaboration and continuous improvement in food production. Listeners are encouraged to connect with Jamie and explore the resources available through Catapult Commercialization Services and the IFT.

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